Just a Buck - Your worth more dollar store

Meet Us

Meet Our Executive Team

Mike Connors
Mike Conners
Michael (Mike) Conners and Christina (Tina) Romero are the principal officers of Just a Buck Licensing, Inc. Their titles are Director of Store Operations and Senior Corporate Buyer, respectively, however their knowledge and longevity make them as asset for consultation in many aspects of the business as well. 

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Meet the Founders

Just a Buck Founders
Steve, Rochelle and Robert
Steven Bakst, Rochelle Bakst and Robert Capone are the original Founders of our company. Steve Bakst serves as our Chairman of the Board and assists in all real estate matters, including the negotiation and review of lease agreements for our company and franchised locations and previously served as our President. Rochelle and Bob previously served as Vice-President and Secretary respectively and occasionally offer their wisdom while enjoying their retirement.

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Meet Some of Our Franchise Family

Eileen and Jan

Eileen Caccavone and Jan Pitman met at Exxon conventions. Their husbands, Jimmy (Caccavone) and Harry (Pitman), each owned service stations in New York's Hudson Valley region.

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Usually when a woman returns to work after raising a family, it's at an entry level position...but when Kwan Hakim, owner of a Just-A-Buck franchise in Memphis, Tennessee, decided to go back into business, she wanted to be the boss and didn't want to wait.

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Cal and Moe

When Moe Al-Quadah and his cousin Cal Al-Quadah came to America in 1988, they didn't want to waste time in entry level positions. Initially they worked at service stations and convenience stores. Eventually they purchased a number of these outlets.

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