Just a Buck - Your worth more dollar store


Meet the Founders

Steve Bakst, Rochelle Bakst,
and Bob Capone
Steven (Steve) Bakst, Rochelle Bakst (his sister), and Robert (Bob) Capone are the principal officers of Just-A-Buck Licensing, Inc. Although their duties sometimes overlap, Steve is primarily responsible for maintaining a steady stream of quality items for our stores. Rochelle coordinates all aspects of operations and Bob handles development of our locations.

Steve Bakst has over 20 years experience in the field. He was president of his first discount store at the age of 24. Through the years he has cultivated a large network of close-out supplies. Steve oversees the purchasing department and still enjoys negotiating many arrangements himself. Thanks to Steve and his staff, our stores are generously stocked with an assortment of items that could cost much more anywhere else.

Rochelle Bakst came out of a career in psychology to join her brother in the retail business. The skills she learned as a therapist serve her well in her position as Chief Operations Officer. One of the most challenging parts of running a retail chain like Just-A-Buck is motivating employees at the store level. Rochelle's insistence that every employee be treated with respect has won her the loyalty of her growing staff. Many employees have been with the company since its beginning. In fact, one of the greatest testaments to the strength of employee relations at Just-A-Buck is the longevity of its staff members.

Bob Capone worked in construction before becoming an officer in the Just-A-Buck family of stores. His eye for detail is behind the meticulous appearance of our chain. Bob oversees construction of all new company stores. Franchisees are free to select their own builders. Still, most choose Bob to oversee the construction of their store, and they're happy with the results. In addition to making sure all construction is done in compliance with local codes and mall specifications, Bob is responsible for the design of the stores as well as the graphics. He stays current with innovations in retail to make sure all items are displayed in the best light. When the items look their best, they sell the best. That's the simple idea behind the success of the Just-A-Buck stores. Steve, Ro, and Bob are always available to our franchisees to answer questions and offer advice.