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Meet Some of Our Franchise Family - Moe and Cal

Moe and Cal Al-Quadah

Moe and Cal
Imagine how difficult it is to come to this country with the hopes of getting a decent paying job in corporate America - especially when language is a difficulty. Many people who would have held professional positions in their native lands are forced to find jobs that pay little and demand a lot of hard work. Some new arrivals invest their savings in businesses like taxi medallions. They are, therefore, forced to live in cities where life is difficult and expensive. What's more, just at the time when the family needs emotional support, the wage earner must spend long hours away from home.

A Just-A-Buck store can be opened in a large city...or in small town...wherever the owners choose to live. That's why an increasing number of foreign-born residents are finding that a proven successful franchise like Just-A-Buck can be the beginning of "The American Dream."

When Moe Al-Quadah and his cousin Cal Al-Quadah came to America in 1988, they didn't want to waste time in entry level positions. Initially they worked at service stations and convenience stores. Eventually they purchased a number of these outlets. They liked the dollar store concept. After meeting the founders and talking to a number of franchisees, they opened their first Just-A-Buck in Garnerville, New York. The store is 3,750 square feet and is located in a strip mall where parking is convenient. Soon the partners purchased a second location, this time in an indoor mall in Edison, New Jersey.

They quickly learned that each Just-A-Buck store has an entirely different character and often caters to completely different customers. The customers who shopped at the enclosed mall bought different kinds of merchandise than those who came to the strip center. Through the purchasing department at Just-A-Buck, they were able to identify their customers and buy items to fill their needs. Today the partners are in the market for another store.