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Executive Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Michael (Mike) Conners and Christina (Tina) Romero, are the principal officers of Just A Buck Licensing, Inc. Their titles are Director of Store Operations and Senior Corporate Buyer, respectively, however their knowledge and longevity makes them an asset for consultation in many other aspects of the business as well.

Mike Conners

Mike Conners worked his way up the corporate ladder starting as a manager in our first Just A Buck store in 1988. From 1992 to present, Michael performs the duties of Director of Store Operations and is the President of our company. He is responsible for site development and coordinates the new store development team. This team works from store inception to the grand opening on all issues concerning store design and layout, construction, contracting, equipment and fixtures, installation, proper store set-up and organization management. Mr. Conners directs store personnel administration, hiring guidelines, education, employee orientation, training and evaluation. He supervises the management support team for the franchisees. In addition, Mr. Conners oversees daily operations at the store level, providing direct operational support for the franchisees.

Tina Romero
Tina Romero’s career has followed a similar path. She was employed in one of our stores in the early 90s as manager and district manager before becoming a Corporate Buyer in 2001. Tina serves as our Vice-President and is our Senior Corporate Buyer. Tina and her team are responsible for System Purchasing, including developing the network of Just A Buck suppliers, ongoing product development, negotiating purchasing arrangements with suppliers, and overseeing the proper allocation of inventory among affiliate and franchisee owned Just A Buck Stores. Her previous experience managing our stores gives her a tremendous insight to what our customers are looking for in our inventory.

Mike and Tina work collaboratively with the team at the Corporate Office and interact with our stores and franchisees daily. They are always available to assist our family of franchisees with any questions, and are eager to share their vast knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated through their decades of experience.