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Why Franchise?

Franchise vs A Business Opportunity

When you buy a franchise, you can be sure of getting valuable information that a business opportunity may not give you. A franchise must adhere to strict government regulations. This means we are required by law to present you with a detailed disclosure document called a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which a business opportunity is not. It includes detailed information about the company’s and the principals’ background. It also contains the answers to just about any question a prospective franchisee may have…and a few you might not even think to ask.

Benefits of Franchising

As a franchisee, you buy the right to use an established name and take advantage of ongoing support. People who purchase a business opportunity are usually helped only at the onset.

At Just A Buck we are very concerned about our name, the value and quality of the merchandise we sell for a dollar, and how the store is kept. While being entirely independent may sound enticing, it can be difficult for dollar store retailers who must find a constant stream of quality goods to sell.

As a franchisee you will become part of a purchasing network. You will be in business for yourself but not completely by yourself. As a business licensee, on the other hand, you may be directed to catalogues and expected to order items on your own.

Do Your Research

Many of our franchisees researched business opportunities before they decided to become franchisees. They will happily tell you they wouldn’t be as successful today if it hadn’t been for the expertise and advice they received from the Just-A-Buck staff of experienced professionals. As a government registered franchise program, we at Just A Buck encourage you to look closely at any program you are considering. Talk to existing store owners and you may find that you get what you pay for. We believe that the closer you look, the better we will look.