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Introducing your local, family owned discount store.

The Just-A-Buck family of company-owned and franchise stores has grown steadily stronger since our beginnings in 1988. Today there are stores throughout the United States and the number continues to grow. What’s the secret to our success? Simple. We make money the old-fashioned way…just-a-buck at a time…and it can soon add up to quite a tidy bundle.

Why Franchise?

Franchise vs A Business Opportunity
As a franchise, you buy the right to use an established name and take advantage of ongoing support.

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Success Begins with Just-A-Buck

While Just-A-Buck stores have strong family resemblances, our stores never look the same way twice. Why? Because new merchandise arrives daily. That’s what makes Just-A-Buck stores fun to shop…and fun to run.

We believe the key to success is making customers happy, and we’re here to help our franchisees do just that. So read all about what we have to offer. Then contact us as soon as possible. We’re eager to tell you more.

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We Make Money One Buck at a Time

Whenever you see the Just-A-Buck name, you’ll find neat, organized displays and crisp, clean graphics - all designed to show each product in the best light. We leave nothing to chance. Even the music is selected to keep cash registers ringing.